Bretagne Conseil has 25 years of experience in the consulting industry to businesses and individuals.


Rennes School of Business’ Junior Enterprise has 21 members allocated among 5 departments: Treasury, Human Resources, Quality, Communication and Business Development.


Bretagne Conseil carries out different types of studies in its areas of competence: communication, business strategy and marketing.



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Building on 25 years of experience, Bretagne Conseil, the Rennes School of Business’ JuniorEnterprise, is a key actor of the Breton momentum. Thanks to the selective recruitment and intense training of its 23 members among more than 4000 students, Bretagne Conseil ensures you excellence deliveries. This team of 23 motivated, responsive, and professional Junior Enterpreneurs are entirely at your disposal for any tailor-made studies. Today, these values based the uniqueness of Bretagne Conseil within the landscape of French economic players. Our studies deal with big international companies as well as SMEs or project holders. As a testimony to our services’ quality, many companies are faithful and our satisfaction rate reaches 94%. Today, we propose a real expertise in three main areas of competence: Marketing, Stratgey and Communication. All these activities are closely related to courses taught in Rennes School of Business. Our Business School exhibits assets such as professionalism, excellence and flexibility of which Bretagne Conseil has known how to take advantage in order to meet precisely customers’ expectations. Professors and students support are also a success factor. The main goal is now to perpetuate the same dynamic focused on excellence as established in the past years. That is why our ambition is to strengthen our territorial anchorage while engaging in an internationalization strategy.

Romain Ebmeyer – Chairman of Bretagne Conseil 


The associative experience – Rennes School of Business – is an integral part of the Programme Grande Ecole. This strategy aims to provide students with a real educational tool that promotes their personal and professional development.

This commitment makes sense with Bretagne Conseil, the school’s Junior Enterprise, halfway between the association and the company. The seriousness, dynamism and professionalism of the members are assets that companies appreciate and which make the reputation of our Junior Enterprise. Each class contributes to the influence of the school on the territory, as their work is acknowledged.

The school offers to Bretagne Conseil an environment conducive to the development of new projects. When studies are being carried, the structure is supported by all teachers and students. Setting direct practical course knowledge is fundamental to the success of schooling students.

Bretagne Conseil is fully in the school’s mission of forming Global Responsible Pioneers.

Olivier APTELGeneral Director Rennes School Of Business

BIO3G appealed to the ESC Rennes as part of an investigation to the end-consumer. The action taken, from one end of the preliminary study to the final synthesis, and by the end, was more professional. From the pilot team (Sacha Nau, Matthieu Dupont and Axelle Baudry) to operational on the ground, all were involved in very concrete ways in the implementation of their mission. The restitution to the BIO3G members was precise and synthetic. I recommend this JE.

Pierre MARTINDirector of Marketing and Communication - BIO 3G

Congratulations and thank you to the small team who has done a great job. I appreciated the exchanges. An efficient and very professional work.

Eddy PELLANCreator of Ti War An Dour

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